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100lbs Lost

100lbs Lost

There you have it - I've lost 100 pounds from my highest weight of 327lbs.  That seems like an impossible number but at the same time so small in comparison to how far I feel I still need to go.  Rather than dishing about the entire process (which I do anyway on my youtube channel) I figure I'll make a list here of the things that are different now from 300+ pounds:

  • Obviously clothing is getting easier to find.  I don't have to purchase from specialty stores to find anything that doesn't come in a flowered print.
  • When I get out of bed at night to use the bathroom I no longer have the feeling of bruises on the bottom of my feet due to the extreme strain they were under.
  • I lost an entire shoe size (!)
  • The only two rings that I have left that fit have been reassigned to my middle fingers since those fingers are the largest.
  • I can walk the entire length of the zoo with my kids now rather than forcing them to pick one section because I knew I'd never make it the whole way.
  • I can run three miles.
  • I can run.
  • I no longer have to apply makeup to multiple chins.
  • I spend a lot more time taking selfies.
  • I can hold my four-year-old on my lap and read him a story!
  • I can sit on our barstools and have my breakfast without worrying about breaking them.
  • I actually feel accomplished when I sweat now.  Because I have to work hard to make it happen!
  • I borrowed a jacket from on of my (much) smaller friends!
  • I actually had a guy ask for my number in the store yesterday.  Looks like I need to get my wedding ring resized!

As I think of more of these I'll be adding to this list!
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Chrissy Mazer
Bucket List

Bucket List

One of the most important things to me throughout this journey (and really, throughout life) is to take the time to acknowledge my accomplishments and to set goals for myself.  During my dark periods when my weight was spiraling out of control I had zero drive and even less ambition.  So in an attempt to avoid going back there I've got a running list of goals that I'm working toward attaining.  Some are serious, some are silly, but each one is something that I want crossed off of this list.

"Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments."

- Wear a medium size t-shirt

Run a mile     ----Done June, 2017----

- Take Caleb to comicon in costume

- Go zip lining

- Make a full-body image my personal profile picture

- Have 1000 subscribers on my YouTube channel

Fit in my bathtub    ----Done February, 2017----

Meet Misha Collins

- Buy a dress that I feel great in

- Take a yoga class

- Inspire someone that I've never met

- Go paddle boarding

- Paint my toenails without my stomach getting in the way

Take Lochlan on the log ride    ----Done May, 2017----

Run a 10k

- Get better at video editing

- Fit into those tiny owl panties that I bought in 2005

- Go skiing

- Direct and photograph a fashion shoot
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Chrissy Mazer
Vision Board

Vision Board

Inspired by fellow YouTuber, Rebecca Dawson, I decided to create my own vision board to help me with my weight loss journey.  I've always been of the mind that if you believe something strongly
enough you can manifest it through hard work and dedication.  Before seeing Rebecca's board I had simply written my goals in a bullet format in my planner.  While this worked to keep them in mind I find that having the visual board gets me jazzed about my goals a little bit more because I can picture myself doing these things.

So let's get into it!

Top Left: I've always wanted to try my hand at cosplay.  I've always love costumes and theatrical makeup but by the time I learned that cosplay was an actual thing I was already far too overweight to be comfortable trying it myself.  Of course I don't believe that one must be a certain size to portray fictional characters but or me personally I don't like extra attention when I don't feel comfortable with myself so I have never had the guts to try it.  That's changing soon, baby!

Top Center: Growing up in Arizona, skiing was a never a part of my life in any way other than television.  Now that I live in Minnesota it seems that its everywhere!  Plus there is a downhill ski slope less than ten minutes from my house.  The only thing stopping me now is my lack of knowledge, extra weight, and legendary klutziness.  Thankfully I also have a glowing lack of common sense so let's do it!

Top Right: I've decided that when I get to 170 pounds (the smallest size I can remember being as an adult) I'm going to get a half sleeve tattoo that I've named "Obsession".  The one pictured is NOT the one I'm getting but it's a good placeholder for the art that I have in mind.  

Center Left:  Another of those things that I imagine I'd not be too good at but will have a blast trying is paddle boarding.  My logic in this is simple:  I imagine it will hurt a lot less when I take a tumble from this thing into the water than it will when I trip over my own ski and tumble down the hill.  Hmm...I seem to be setting myself up for a lot of injuries.

Center Mid 1:  Fashion photography has long been a dream of mine.  While I love shooting families and seniors I would be ecstatic to be able to design and shoot fashion.  The more eclectic the better!  So this one is on here to keep me accountable for that goal.  Why is it on a weight loss journey board?  Because my weight makes me hella self-conscious and that shows in my performance as a creative director.

Center Mid 2: I just love these blanket poncho things!!  Not sure if I'll be comfortable enough to rock this look this year but by next I know I'll be ready.

Bottom Left:  Another of my goals is to get more comfortable with makeup.  I love experimenting with different looks (as you'll see throughout my YouTube channel and in this blog) and would love to get a lot more familiar with techniques and different brands.

Bottom Right: This one is pretty self-explanatory.  I want to continue to advance in my running skills and eventually be able to run further and faster.


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Chrissy Mazer
My Running Gear

My Running Gear

My running career started quite simply.  A pair of Walmart tennis shoes, a pair of long leggings, a tent like t-shirt, and the sincere hope that I wouldn't make too big an ass of myself.  As it turns out that's really all that's required when your weight, stamina, and lung capacity only allow you to shuffle along for about 15 seconds at a time.
Fast forward several months to a point where I can run a 5k without stopping to walk.  While I fully agree that if necessary I can still run with minimal gear there are a few things that I've come to rely on to make my runs more enjoyable/comfortable.

chrissy mazer running gearFirst up are my shoes.  I'd never been known as a shoe snob before in my life (see above re: Walmart shoes) but as I got more into running I soon realized that the pain in my feet and calves was due to more than just my lack of fitness.  Once I got into these shoes my runs became SO much more comfortable and easy on my feet.  What they say is true, folks - shoes matter.

chrissy mazer running gearNext up are my wireless headphones.  I use the Jaybird BlueBuds X and have very little complaints.  They connect wirelessly, they don't skip, and they have microphone capability.  I love not having a long wire running through my shirt or sleeve which would always, inevitably, end up getting tugged and yanking the buds out of my ears.

chrissy mazer running gearThis guy is a new addition to my gear.  The Amphipod handheld water bottle.  I only got this a couple of weeks ago but I absolutely love it.  Usually I would just grab a 16oz individual bottle from the case we buy at Sam's Club but holding onto it while running kept ending up in my fingers going numb and the occasional thud of the bottle hitting the ground.  Another bonus of the Amphipod?  It's got a zippered pocket on the outside of the strap that holds my keys.  One less thing to stuff in my bra!

chrissy mazer running gear
And last but certainly not least is my Apple Watch.  I love the Workout feature and use it every time I run.  Having a log of my run times and distances helps me to track my progress.  Plus there is the Stand Counter making sure I don't spend the rest of my time sitting in front of the computer.

There are a few other items that I use every time I run (uber sports bra, anyone?) but these are the ones that are tried and true that I use every time I run.  Also not pictured are my bomb playlists.  Okay maybe not bomb playlists.  My musical tastes can be quite questionable at times.

chrissy mazer running gear

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Chrissy Mazer
Playlist | July 2017

Playlist | July 2017

Some people get out and run, listening to the wind blowing through their hair, the cars passing by.  I am not one of those people.  I need my music and I need it loud.  My playlist changes frequently so expect these updates to come often!

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Chrissy Mazer

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