Clickin Walk 2015 | Phoenix Edition

On April 25th I had the wonderful opportunity to join in the 2015 Clickin Walk with women all over the world.  The Phoenix ladies met downtown at Revolver Records and walked through downtown Phoenix, ending up at Seamus McCaffrey's for dinner and drinks.

Not sure I get it
The walk was SO much fun.  And even though we got a few sprinkles of rain right before we started the sky soon cleared, leaving unseasonably cool weather for us this time of year.  It was a PERFECT day to be outside.

The artwork on the buildings blew me away.  So colorful and vibrant and NOT ruined by graffiti.

I'm already excited for next year's walk.  Though I don't know if I'll be walking the streets of Phoenix one last time or using it as a chance to explore Minneapolis/St Paul!  We are planning our move toward the middle of next April so I'm not sure which city I'll be in!

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