Clickin Moms 4 on 4 Blog Circle | Migraine Edition

This month's 4 on 4 didn't exactly go as I'd wanted it to.  Probably because this MONTH didn't go as planned.  I spent a good two and a half weeks bedridden with cluster migraines.  And unfortunately the two weeks before that saying to myself "Meh, I've got time."

Since I'm still in the throes of my Project 365 I still picked my camera up each day to snap a photo.  What I ended up with was two week's worth of my kids in the same spot or whatever my husband was making for breakfast that day.

Here's hoping that July can be a lot more productive and a lot less painful!

Be sure to follow Allison Lee at Allison Lee Photography for her take on the 4 on 4!


  1. I love that even on bad days, we can find the beauty in each day:).

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  3. Chrissy, well done with picking your camera every day even when bedridden!:)

  4. Beautiful! Great job picking up the camera everyday.

  5. I love that you embraced the shadows in some of these images.