4 on 4 | Faux Snow Edition

Every month I join with a group of talented ladies from Clickin Moms to post four photos that we've taken in the last month on the 4th of the month.  Be sure to follow the blog circle link at the end of this post!

Living in Central Arizona we don't exactly get out much in the summer.  I hear a lot of people talk about the cabin fever that they get in the winter and I always shake my head.  Living here is like living in another hemisphere.  Winter is when we venture out of our air-conditioned caves to explore our surroundings.

Summers are the exact opposite.  We hide and hibernate to avoid the 118 degree temperatures.  

Since we are moving to Minneapolis in April we decided to introduce the boys to snow in the only way we could.

Pinterest fake snow recipe

Enter Pinterest and its great ideas!  We created "snow" out of baking soda and plain white hair conditioner.  Not only did it have a nice fluffy consistency it also stayed cold!

Fake snow recipe

It sort of reminded me of the kinetic sand except that it was chilly and had a fresh scent (thanks to the conditioner).

DIY Fake snow

I can't wait to introduce my boys to real snow and let them make a real snowman!

How to make fake snow

A side note about this snow recipe:  I learned that it not only cleans your carpets but also deodorizes them and leaves a clean, fresh scent behind!  My youngest wanted to show my husband a creation and carried two handfuls through our carpeted hallway.  By the time he got to the office where my husband was working he only had a few clumps left in his hands.

A quick vacuum job and the hallway was fresh and clean!


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  1. Great idea! Love how you followed through with this awesome idea (I am notorious for not following thru!) Good luck with the move!

  2. I'm so going to try this out. We're not quite a 115 but it's regularly a hundred or over and we hibernate inside too.

  3. That is so cool! Definitely on my list to try too. We don't get any snow in Sydney either.

  4. What a wonderful way to try and get your boys to understand what snow feels like. I don't envy you the Winters in Minneapolis, but it will be a novelty and great memories playing in the real snow. Best of luck with your move.

  5. What a creative idea! Georgia doesn't see snow too often. :)