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It's a very rare occasion that my husband and I make the time for an actual out of town vacation.  His schedule is full, my schedule is full, the kids are young, the excuses are endless.  On the 24th of this month my youngest turned three years old.  For his birthday we decided to finally end this "hermit at home" deal we have going on and pack up the family (minus the cat and ferret) to head up north for a few days of camping out of the desert heat.

Mogollon Rim Arizona

The drive up was fairly uneventful until we got to the base of the Mogollon Rim where we saw a squirrel (the first time either of my boys have seen one).  We watched it for a few minutes before continuing on where we came across a small herd of cows right off the dirt road.  Over the course of nine miles we saw more wildlife than we had on the entire two hour drive up until that point!

Mogollon Rim Arizona

Lochlan was in love with playing on the fallen trees that surrounded our campsite.  Not long after we got there he called me over to show me the biggest ant I've ever seen in my life.  O_O

One thing to know about me:  I was born in the metro Phoenix area and aside from a brief stint in the backwoods of rural South Carolina I've always lived in a big city.  And while I love the idea of camping and all of the opportunities for photographs I am definitely a city girl.

That being said, I was incredibly relieved to have only seen a total of three bugs for the entire trip.

Camping on the Mogollon Rim

I kept wandering off with my camera trying to capture one of the million squirrel friends but the wily little guys weren't down with the paparazzi.  During the day we heard their little chittering calls coming from every direction.

The cloak of night brought an entirely different sound.  One that I'd never heard.  And one that, had my husband not been there to tell me what the heck it was, would have had me sleeping in the car.

The elk.

What the HECK is that noise they make?!  It sounds like those plastic pipe toys that you swing around your head in a circle to make that loud hoarse whistling noise.

Mogollon Rim Arizona

But as it always does morning dawned and brought with it more squirrels and less elk (hooray!).

The trip was even fun for Caleb, our eldest, who is usually very prissy.  He doesn't like being dirty, etc.  I was surprised at how well he handled roughing it.  And on a TMI side note he was absolutely tickled by peeing on the trees.

<sigh>  boys.
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