Sigma 105mm Macro Review

Sigma 105mm f/2.8 Macro Review

Last year on the annual Clickin Walk Jessica of Ten Little Toes Photography loaned me this lens to test as we walked through downtown Phoenix.  All it took was one click of the shutter for me to fall in love.  I had never tried a Sigma lens and I had never tried this focal length but I was amazed at the crispness and the bokeh that it offered.  After a block or so I gave it back to Jessica and went back to my 50mm with the phrase "It will be mine...oh yes, it will be mine," ala Wayne's World running through my head.

Flash forward about seven months to November of 2016 when I upgraded from my D7000 to the D750.  At this point I only had my trusty 50mm and my Lensbaby that would play nice with the full frame capabilities of the D750.  I needed a new lens.  I sold all three of my DX lenses and bought this one.

If you've ever bought a lens from Sigma you know that they go to great lengths to make certain that your new lens arrives unscathed.  The protective case for this thing could survive the apocalypse.   I was definitely impressed.  

The lens has three switches: Focus Range, Autofocus/Manual, and Optical Stabilization on/off.  It can focus down to a true 1:1 ratio, meaning that what you see in the viewfinder is at true magnification to what you see in reality.  While I've seen some simply stunning macro images taken with this lens on Flickr I will admit that I haven't given it the full-on bug test yet.  I've mostly shot flowers, feathers, and water droplets so far.  

Sigma Macro Lens

With my extension tubes on my 55-200 DX lens I always manual focused, finding it easier and often faster than waiting for the camera to find focus.  The Sigma 105mm not only finds focus accurately it finds it fast as well.  There was very little searching on part of the focus system and that was pretty darn impressive since the sunlight was glinting off of this entire cluster foliage.

As a portrait photographer my main focus (har har) was finding a lens that performed well on people first and foremost.  Boy does this guy deliver.  The focal length is flattering with very little distortion. I love that I can be far enough away to capture more relaxed poses or I can be right up close to get details like baby's eyelashes or sweet smile.

The Nitty Gritty:

Quick to focus
Solid construction
Beautiful bokeh
Very little distortion
Internal focusing system

The only con I have with this lens is that it's really stinkin heavy.  The Nikon D750 is 750g.  This lens is 457g, over half the weight of my camera body alone.  

Final Verdict:
I adore this lens.  It's my go-to for outdoor portraits and detail shots.  When I'm working with a client you can bet I'm working with this lens.  It performs wonderfully at any distance and is packed full of functionality.