Clickin Walk 2016 | Minneapolis Edition

When the dates for the 2016 Clickin Walk were announced I admit I was a little bummed that I wouldn't get to spend one last event with the Arizona Clickin Moms.  I had done the 2015 Clickin Walk in Phoenix and had such a great experience.  But at the same time I was excited to get to explore Minnesota and meet some new friends.  As it turns out I had the best time at both events this weekend.

First up on the 14th was the Minneapolis walk.  We've only been here in Minnesota for a matter of about a week and a half so this was the first time I'd driven downtown by myself.  I could start a brand new blog about the differences between Minnesota and Arizona but here I'll just brag that I only got lost once.

Twin Cities Photographers
Stone Arch Bridge | Minneapolis, Minnesota
While most of my life has been spent living in Central and Southern Arizona I've also lived in Northern Idaho, South Carolina, and briefly in Nevada.  Not one of those places has captivated me like Minnesota has.  

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It amazes me how even in the middle of the bustling city you can see large trees, green grass, and beautiful skyscapes.   

Apple Valley Family Photographer
Mill City Ruins | Minneapolis, Minnesota
And the Clickin is so inspiring to be around people who share your passion not only for creativity but for the photography specifically.  I love how each participant takes a photo of the same thing but every single image is completely different.

Apple Valley Family Photographers

 A big shout-out goes to these two ladies who coordinated the Minneapolis walk.  Angela of Angela Elisabeth Portraits and Kirsten of K Solberg Photography.  Thank you ladies for your hard work!!

Day two had me driving to St Cloud, Minnesota, about an hour and a half away.  Aside from one freeway that was under heavy construction the drive was simply beautiful.  The weather was gorgeous and the scenery was lovely.  
Munsinger Gardens
Munsinger Gardens | St Cloud, Minnesota
We met at the Munsinger Gardens in St Cloud.  After a little argument with Siri ("But it's right there!  Why do I need to go another quarter of a mile?!") I parked and easily found the group.  

Apple Valley Family Photography
Tulips | St Cloud, Minnesota
The Munsinger Gardens were simply amazing.  Not only were there blooming flowers and plants everywhere it was also literally along the bank of the Mississippi River.  I don't think I've ever been that close to that much water.   

Apple Valley Photographers

After the gardens we all got in our cars and argued with Siri drove to downtown St Cloud.  This time we stayed together in a loose group as we explored the calm streets and buildings.  

Twin Cities Photographers
Reflection in downtown St Cloud 
Twin Cities Photographers
Architecture on the side of the Cathedral | St Cloud, Minnesota
Apple Valley Photographers

I am so glad I went not only to one walk but to both.  I met so many wonderful women and was so inspired by all of their creativity.

Thank you to Carrie Bayless of C. Bayless Photography & Design and Beth Mancuso of Manic Mother Photography for not only coordinating the event but for being so welcoming!!

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