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Proving yet again that I am a crazy person I've joined another blog circle!  This is the first post in the Lensbaby Art Series.  Be sure to follow the amazingly talented Iris Nelson of Iris Nelson Photography to continue the circle.

It's been almost a year to the day since I bought my first Lensbaby lens.  This little guy has traveled across three camera bodies in stride and has proved to be a workhorse in many genres.  Macro, portrait, lifestyle, landscape...the list in endless!

This is, of course, meant to be a circle to showcase images taken within the past month.  However, with our extremely recent move my Lensbaby has been tucked safely in my Pelican case to avoid damage during the 1800 mile drive to our new home.  So rather than pretend I didn't see the email reminder I chose instead to showcase some of my favorite Lensbaby images from my personal archives as a way to kick off my participation.

Twin Cities Lifestyle Photographer

 This is from a series I took last year where my eldest son pretended to be an elven hunter in our backyard.  I showed him how masking tape could be made into elf ears and gave him one of my arrows to use as a spear to launch around the backyard.

Apple Valley Photographer

This guy was taken in May of last year and was my first attempt at Lensbaby macro.  As I nearly always shoot macro in manual focus this turned out to be quite fun and not as big a challenge as I anticipated.  I entered this image into the Arizona State Fair and won an honorable mention. =D

Apple Valley Lifestyle Photography

This was taken the day I got my new Lensbaby when it arrived in the mail.  I packed up the kids and headed to the community park to give it a test run.  There were, admittedly, quite a few worthless shots in that session but this gem made me realize just how much I could do with this handy little lens.

Bloomington MN family photographers

One of my favorite Arizona models (and one that I connected with completely by accident during a session with someone else) Anthony was quite willing to get together to test out the Lensbaby in a portrait setting.  We got some stunning images from this session that both he and I were in love with.

Couples Photography Twin Cities mn

We also shot a couples session with his boyfriend (now fiancee, congratulations guys!!) with this pretty little lens.  

Every time I shoot with the Lensbaby I love the images I get but for some reason I rarely shoot with it!!  Thank you to the ladies at Clickin Moms and especially Iris for putting this blog circle together.  Now I have a monthly reminder to get out there and use it!

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