4 on 4 | Adventure Edition

Every month myself and a very talented group of ladies from Clickin Moms get together to create the "4 on 4 Blog Circle" showcasing 4 of our favorite images from the month.  Be sure to click the link at the bottom of this post to explore the circle!

Twin Cities Family Photographers
Normandale Japanese Garden | Minneapolis, Minnesota

June 1st marked exactly one month since we have been in our home in Minnesota.  For the most part we are all settled in.  Both of our cars have been switched over, licenses applied for (apparently you have to wait for them to arrive in the mail here), grocery clubs joined.  Now that the dust has settled we have been exploring our new home and falling even more in love with it.  The weather has been beautiful (even the couple of days that made us think we were in Phoenix in December) and the rain here is lovely!

I've been taking the kids all over the cities, into the forest reserves, through parks, and to the shores of about 20 of the 10,000 lakes searching for beautiful spots to photograph clients.  And let me tell you: there is no shortage of beautiful spots here.

Apple Valley Photographer
Even the rain can't keep us down.
At our old home we had to drive about 175 miles to get to a green, leafy forest.  Here?  4.7 miles.  Yes, please.

Minneapolis Family Photographer

In the last month several things have been discovered in my family.  The most surprising for me is that I love hiking.  Last weekend the boys and I went to Murphy Lake for our first adventure with Geocaching.  For our first find we located a box that had toys for kids!  How perfect is that?  We traded out and signed the log book with pride.

St Paul Family Photographer
Minnehaha Falls | Minneapolis, MN
Yesterday we visited Minnehaha Falls - another of the places I was told was a "Must see in the Twin Cities".  It was really breathtaking.  I definitely want to go back here for a more thorough exploration (we had to park with a parking meter and I'd only had enough change for two hours).  

It's safe to say that we are feeling right at home 1800 miles from our last home.

Be sure to follow the talented Lisa Howeler to continue the circle!


  1. Wow! Minnesota is beautiful! I'm going to have to visit there someday! Thank you for sharing some beautiful images to inspire me to get out and explore.

  2. Summer in Minnesota really is amazing, but I'm curious about how you'll feel about winter once it comes. :) Also, how did you get a blog circle started up? I apparently need to visit the ClickinMom's forums more and connect with more people because I love this idea.

    1. Hi Jo! You're more than welcome to join us, we have a circle forming right now for the July 4 on 4!


    2. Excellent. I'm going to check it out!