Weekly Favorites | Busy Bee Edition

The pickings for this week's favorites were pretty slim since I spent the majority of the week working on a commercial shoot in Apple Valley.  But I of course picked up my camera every day!

Photographers in Apple Valley
Breakfast in underwear?  Check.

Twin Cities Lifestyle Photography

On Saturday we went to Ikea and picked up some new spotlights for our entertainment center.  LOVE the light they put off!

Eagan Family Photographer

And super big news this week!!  My eldest lost his first tooth!!  We took a drive out to F.Y.E. to pick up this giant Link toy that he'd been pining over for weeks as a celebration.

Photographers in Lakeville MN

And lastly, here he is putting on his old shoes right before we went out and got him some new ones in a bigger size.  There has got to be a time machine SOMEWHERE that will slow this process down!!

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  1. Love the dramatic lighting Chrissy! I feel like a lot of photos are going to come from these new lights lol!