Weekly Favorites | School Pictures Edition

Now normally I'm a lot more on-the-ball when it comes to taking my little man's school photos.  But the pneumonia that swept through our house coupled with the week's vacation earlier this month has rendered me pretty useless.  Yesterday though I finally had the strength (if not the lung capacity) to set up my gear and get it done.

Fine Art Chid Portraits

I still can't believe my little guy is in first grade.  He's learning so much so fast!!  Yesterday he actually corrected me when I said something about bees.  This doesn't bode well...

Twin Cities School Photos

Chrissy Mazer Photography

I'm so glad to be able to take these photos and the seven billion others that I've taken of him over the years.  I know quite a few photographer friends who's didn't pick up a camera until they had grand babies and didn't get to have all of these memories.

Child Portraits in Minneapolis

So back to school is in full swing in our house.  If you're looking for an alternative to the typical school portrait, you've come to the right place!  Check out my Fine Art Child Portrait packages!  Trust me, click the link.  It's worth it just for the glance at my seventh and eighth grade pictures.  *shudder*

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