Weekly Favorites | Vacation Edition

This week has been the first weekend since the beginning of July that I've had a weekend off.  And let me tell you, vacationing with two kids under 6 is rarely relaxing!  haha  My in-laws flew into Minneapolis from Michigan on Saturday morning and we hit the ground running.  

So far we have been to the Minnesota Zoo, the Landscape Arboretum, The Minnesota Renaissance Festival, and about a half dozen restaurants that I'd never heard of.

We also drove into downtown Minneapolis so my mother in law could see my husband's work building and so that we could take a stroll across the Mississippi River.  Grandpa was in heaven staring out at the crashing water.

I kept my copper tube in my backpack and pulled it out while we were on the lookout point over the Mississippi.  This is the nicest ring I've gotten so far using sunlight.  And this was taken in the early afternoon.

This weekend we are hosting one of my husband's co-workers from back in Arizona for a couple of days.  She and I used to go to archery ranges together back in Phoenix.  She's recently bought herself a DSLR so we're going to have some fun!

Whew, I'm tired just thinking about it!

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