Mazers Make a Snowman

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday filled with family, good food, and fun.  This was our first year away from both sides of our families so it was just the four of us.  

After a yummy breakfast the next logical thing to do was to go outside and chuck snow at Daddy.  Since this is the first time either of my boys have seen snow they've been having the time of their lives with the cold, white fluffiness.

Minnesota Family Photographer

And me?  I'm in heaven.  The contrast of the white snow with the evergreen trees is just GORGEOUS to photograph!  

Family Photographers in Twin Cities

Having grown up in Michigan my husband knows all about playing in the snow!  He taught the boys how to roll snow along the grass to make larger snowballs.

Apple Valley Family Photographer

I was surprised with how well my six-year-old did!  He hoisted his own huge snowball on top of the other two to make the head of our first family snowman! 

Twin Cities Lifestyle Photography

Twin Cities Lifestyle Photography

The look you get when you make something out of stuff that fell from the sky.  

Apple Valley Family Photographer
I'll admit - the hair was my idea.  
The snow is all but melted now but we had an awesome time on Thanksgiving nonetheless.  We can't wait until real winter when we can make snow dinosaurs!