Tessa | Apple Valley Senior Portraits

At the beginning of the month I had another opportunity to photograph Tessa - one of my favorite 2017 seniors.  This time we ventured out of Apple Valley up to Minneapolis to use the glorious backdrop known as Loring Park.  

Twin Cities Senior Portraits

I just love this park.  There are SO many places to shoot in one local area!  We started in the alley across the street that had all of these gorgeous old brick walls, wooden steps, and painted signs.  This is definitely a popular spot for photographers!  There were four of us there with our clients clicking away.  #communityovercompetition for real!!

Photographers in Twin Cities, MN

I love shooting Tessa.  She's so relaxed and down to earth!

"Hey do you mind sitting on the ground?  There are berries here that might be poisonous but that's cool, right?"



Senior Photographer in Minneapolis

Being that this was my second time getting her in front of my camera Tessa was even more relaxed than she was last time!  We talked, we joked, we took some awesome photos!  

Senior Pictures in Twin Cities

Slippery tree?  No problem.  

Twin Cities Autumn Portraits

See what I mean?!  This girl is so much fun and such an easy subject to photograph!  Except when her sisters are watching... 😂