Weekly Favorites | Gettin' Chilly Edition

Apple Valley MN

When we moved to Minnesota earlier this year it was to a chorus of "Ohhh, just you wait until the end of October!"  Then it became "Ohh just a couple more weeks and it's ON!"  Now it's "This is unseasonably warm.  You brought this weirdness from Arizona, didn't you?"

Twin Cities Family Photographer

The only snow we've seen so far has been a tiny sprinkling on Friday.  The kids were beside themselves.  So was I to be honest.  There was only enough to dip your fingertips in but they were floored nonetheless.   We can't wait for a real snowfall!!

Twin Cities Family Photographer

We also bought our tree this week.  This is the first year I've had an artificial tree since my grandmother used to buy them when I was 11.  I've learned a couple of things so far:  
  • These guys get needles EVERYWHERE
  • The vacuum is not the best tool for picking them up  (gotta fix that today)
  • Trees look at LOT smaller when they are wrapped in that string stuff
  • My cat likes to sleep under the tree

Twin Cities Family Photographer

 I'm not decorating it until Friday when I lug out the massive decoration boxes.  We aren't going to be here for the holidays so I'm going to enjoy my decor as long as I can!

Apple Valley Minnesota

I dusted off my lensbaby on Saturday as part of a video review that I've been working on.  I had my sweater, my husband's heavy jacket, my hat, gloves, scarf thing, boots, and jeans and I was STILL freezing!

Is the air in Minnesota supposed to hurt your face...?

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