My Favorite Photography Resources

Resources for Photographers

New Years bring New Year's Resolutions!  I have a brand spankin' new list of 2017 photography resolutions set up in my planner.  I can't be the only one, right?

Here is a list of resources for photographers that I've found on the web.

Web Communities:
Clickin Moms: A brilliant resource for newbies as well as working professionals.  A wealth of information and a truly supportive community.
In Beauty & Chaos: A community similar to Clickin Moms.  Lots of information and a supportive online forum.

Phlearn: One of my favorites.  Lots of information that is well presented and easy to follow!
Gavin Hoey: Another favorite.  He shows a lot of setup videos for off camera lighting and takes you through his post processing.
Creative Live: This one is also a stand-alone website with streaming classes but has a lot of free content on YouTube.

Pinterest: Not specifically photography but any photography question you have you can likely find an answer for here.
Flourish: Lots of freebies and awesome content!
Digital Photography School: Lots of information here.  Some paid, some free but tons of content to sift through.

Happy New Year and Happy Shooting!!!

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