Road Tripping With My Photography Gear

Let's be honest.  As photographers our equipment is not only expensive but also an extension of who we are.  As such when the option for travel comes along the first question is: "Can I bring my camera?  Cause if I can't bring my camera I'm not going.".  

Traveling with your photo gear

Maybe that's just me.

Next week we are packing up for a trip to Michigan to see my in-laws for the holidays.  I've never been to Michigan or any of the states we'll pass through on our way to get there.  Not to mention the huge reunion of my husband's family (he hasn't been back in quite some time) for which a photographer is pretty much required.

So how do I safely travel with my gear?

First up I have my Seahorse hardshell case.  The one I have is the SE920.  It comes with two large pull-apart foam inserts stacked on top of each other so you can fully customize it to fit your gear.  This case is solid and extremely burly as well as being watertight and airtight.  The handles are thick and securely attached and it has a retractable handle for wheeling it about.  It is sized to fit as a carryon for most major airlines.

Traveling with your photo equipment

This is the beast I take along when I need a lot of gear and/or I'll be gone for an extended period of time and am unsure of everything I might need.

Of course I don't lug this around when I'm at my destination.  For that I pack my Lula bag with my wallet, keys, camera body, and a couple of lenses.  Maybe a speedlight.

Is this a bit of overkill for a simple weekend trip?  Probably.  If it's just a quickie I'll just bring my bag and a few pieces of gear.  But next week being a reunion of sorts I'm going to want more to work with.

And that's it!  Simple, right?  Of course I make sure to put my tripod and a light stand in the trunk just in case but for the most part it's a one or two bag deal.

Happy shooting everyone and be safe this holiday season!

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