Weekly Favorites | Indoor Light Edition

We got our first real snow this week!  7-ish inches piled on the ground.  And the car...and the fence...  So this week there has been a lot of indoor shooting.  I've dusted off my soft boxes and my flash bender and gone to town with some holiday style pictures.

Holiday portraits
This one with the book was made by tucking a small LED light into the book they were holding and exposing for their faces.  I added the twinkles in post processing for a magical effect.  Definitely one of my favorite photos that I've taken this year! 

Holiday Bokeh

This is a popular shot in one of the Facebook photography groups that I follow.  Shooting through a lens at your holiday tree!

Twin Cities Child Photographer

Both of my boys got to design their own shoot this week.  My youngest picked the green backdrop light, the furry hat, and his adorable mismatched outfit.   

Twin Cities Family Photographer

And last, my favorite addition to my #30daysofself project that I have undertaken this month.  Follow along on Instagram!

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