Weekly Favorites | Nature Reserve Edition

This week Elena and I got together to work on some off camera flash techniques.  But before we started on that we drove to a nature reserve in Blaine, MN to experience the calm before winter...

Twin Cities Photographer

The first half hour or so of our walk was spent as shivering, shuffling bundles of hair and fat jackets but once the wind calmed down a little we were able to take some pictures.  

Twin Cities Photographer

I want to experience this place in every season.  I can just imagine it covered in snow, coated in crispy orange leaves, and in full bloom.  

Minnesota Photographer

The only critter we saw during our trip to the nature reserve was this little dude who braved the cold and really didn't mind us taking photos of him.  I showed the pictures to my husband and he identified it as a muskrat.  Cute lil' buggers!

Stay tuned for next week's post to see if I survive the forecasted -6 degrees!  O_O