Weekly Favorites | Whirlwind Edition II

How on Earth do you pick a couple of favorites out of the hundreds that you took over holiday vacation?  We drove to my mother-in-law's house in Michigan for Hanukkah, spent Christmas with my brother-in-law, and celebrated the solstice as a family of four before the chaos ensued.  Rather than post an entire book, I've selected a few of my favorite moments.

Minneapolis Documentary Photographer

 The boys learning how to play Dreidel with grandma was definitely a high point.  I don't know how to play and my husband rarely has time to do stuff like this so the first thing the boys asked after that long drive was if Grandma would teach them to play.  And being the amazing woman she is, she got right down on the floor and set to work.

Apple Valley Family Photographer
Being new to snow this year, the kids have never been on a sled.  When we got to their house it was right on the list for the first day.  Those smiles though!  It's a good thing I told them to go for it since the snow melted that night and didn't come back!

homes in Grand Blanc, Michigan

The next morning I couldn't resist taking my camera for a walk.  Across the street and halfway through a field I turned to see their house sitting amidst a beautiful sunrise.  And the white car there is our rental.   

Minneapolis Lifestyle Photographer

And lastly is a photo of my husband and my brother in law working in the kitchen to make dinner on our last night in Michigan.  My in-laws raised them right - both men grew up knowing how to cook and how to cook well.  

There are so many stories and so many more photos from this trip but I'm going to stop here.  These weekly posts are supposed to be quick reads, after all!  <3 

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