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I've had the pleasure to work with some amazing people since opening my doors in the Twin Cities area.  Class of 2017 senior Shaianne stepped through the door of my studio and immediately became one of my favorites.  She has a wonderful personality and is just as sweet as can be!

Senior photographers in Minneapolis

Boy were we glad that we scheduled this session in the studio instead of strictly on location.  With 20MPH winds this beautiful dress wouldn't have been near as pretty on camera!

Senior photographers in Minneapolis

Does that mean we didn't brave the wind and head outside?  Oh no!  The wooded area and empty field right outside beckoned us both.  Thankfully Shaianne thought ahead and packed this awesome outfit - perfect for venturing out!

Amazing Senior Pictures

And venture we did!  In between huge gusts of wind we had the sun peeking through, offering the chance to capture shots like these.  This one quickly became one of my favorites.

Twin Cities Seniors

And Shaianne was up for anything.  We plodded through the tall grasses to get to a few bare trees where we took this one.  This girl sat right down without worrying about her outfit, perfectly willing to do what it takes to get the best shots!  +1 Shaianne!

Senior Portraits in Minneapolis

We lasted about 45 minutes outside before we decided to head back into the studio for some warmth and some more dramatic images.  

Burnsville MN studio photographer

But let's not forget that this girl is a senior.  There were of course plenty of these:

Senior photographers in Minneapolis

Thank you so much for an awesome afternoon, Shaianne!  Good luck in college next year.  You're going to do wonderfully <3 <3 

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