4 on 4 | Bye Autumn Edition

Every month myself and a very talented group of ladies from Clickin Moms get together to create the "4 on 4 Blog Circle" showcasing 4 of our favorite images from the month. Be sure to click the link at the bottom of this post to explore the circle! 

By far my favorite thing about living here in Minnesota is the weather.  The mild summers, the frigid winters, and absolutely the crisp autumn days.  

Since the forecast this week called for the first snowfall of the season I bundled up the boys and went out for some of the last crunchy leaves before winter arrives in full-force.  My youngest (in the above shot) loves stomping on them and will meander slowly along the path to make sure he doesn't miss one.  And you know what?  I do it right alongside him.

The life I celebrate daily is often a flurry of busy activity.  One glance at my planner and you'd be like "Girl, what are you thinking?!".  But this day out with my little guys?  We took our time.  I said "yes" a lot more than I usually do.  

"Momma, can I go see what's behind those bushes?"
"Sure buddy!"

"Mommy?  Can we go see if there are any ducks in the water over there?"

I spend so much time hurrying from one task to another that I often forget to live in the moment.  Thank you, boys, for reminding me to stop and squish the crunchy leaves.  To stop and question why the ducks don't get cold in the water.

To just stop and wonder.

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