Chrissy Mazer | Minneapolis St Paul Photographer

“Are you sure you should have all of those tattoos?”

“I can’t believe you shaved your head!  People are going to call you a lesbian.”

“Aren’t you worried about what people will think?”

“Aren’t you a little old to be collecting toys?”

Any of this sound familiar?  If so, then you and I are kindred spirits and we need to share a coffee.

Individuality is one of the core foundations of humanity and I naturally gravitate to those who rise to the challenge in a world where people are so afraid of being judged or humiliated that they rarely stand for anything at all.  

I know.  I was one of them.

But what I am couldn’t be contained by what I was told I should be.  And what you are shouldn’t be contained either.  

Pink hair?  Work it.  Inked sleeves?  Yes, please.  Head to toe velvet to celebrate Samhain?  Count me in.  

The Obligatory Stuff
  • I began shooting portraits in 2007
  • I shoot with both Nikon and Sony systems
  • I know what I'm doing and take pride in it
  • I love to clean
  • Electric blankets are a gift from above
  • I'm obsessed with Supernatural
  • I've been married since 2009
  • We have two young sons (you'll see them a lot on my Instagram)
  • I have, and still care for, a Tamagotchi
  • I play guitar and violin
  • David Draiman remains my favorite vocalist ever since The Sickness was released

So that's me in a neatly-bulleted list format.  Who are you?  Let's talk.

For a visual representation of my photography journey check out my blog post, Evolution.

Interested in what gear I use?  Check out What's In My Bag.

Oh, and for the're never too old to collect toys.